NGOs (selected):

Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Haliny Nieć // The Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center (HNLAC)
HNLAC is a non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2002 in Cracow. HNLAC's main objective is to protect human rights by providing free legal counsel to persons at risk of social exclusion and discrimination, including the poor, victims of domestic violence, foreigners, asylum seekers, refugees, and the stateless.
ul. Krowoderska 11/7 31-141 Kraków tel.:
(12) 633 72 23

Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka // Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights was founded in 1989 by the members of the Helsinki Committee in Poland. Its mission is to promote the development of a culture based on the respect of freedom and human rights in Poland and abroad.
ul. Zgoda 11 00-018 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 556 44 40

Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej // The Association for Legal Intervention (SIP)
The Association for Legal Intervention is a public benefit organisation whose statutory objective is to take action to uphold human rights and prevent unequal treatment. They support, above all, refugees and migrants in Poland. At present, they are one of the groups that are strongly exposed to discrimination and exclusion.
ul. Siedmiogrodzka 5/51 01-204 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 621 51 65

Fundacja Ocalenie // Ocalenie Foundation
Founded in 2000, Ocalenie Foundation helps refugees, immigrants, and repatriates to build a new life in Poland. The foundation supports migrants in integrating into society and their personal development and work towards a cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening the community.
ul. Krucza 6/14a 00-537 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 828 04 50

Fundacja Polskie Forum Migracyjne // Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM)
PFM develops initiatives and supports activities that lead to dialogue between people representing various cultures. The Foundation specialises in informational activities by providing direct support to foreigners (psychological, about the job market, regarding legalisation of stay), trainings (for teachers, psychologists, government officials), and activities in between formal and informal education (workshops, city games). PFM supports migrant women in a special way by organising childbirth schools and support groups for migrant mothers.
ul. Szpitalna 5/14 00-031 Warszawa
tel. 22 110 00 85

For contact information of other non-governmental organisations, please see this website.

Community centre:
Białoruski Dom
ul. Wiejska 13/3 00-480 Warszawa

State institutions:

Commissioner for Human Rights
al. Solidarności 77 00-090 Warszawa
phone (22) 55 17 700
fax: (22) 827 64 53

Office for Foreigners

Labour Inspectorate
The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.