My rights
What are the rights of Belarusian nationals on the labour market in Poland?
While working in Poland, you have the right to obtain a written employment contract in the language you understand and to work in safe and hygienic conditions. Employers should respect the minimum wage regulations. Those who are employed on the basis of the Labour Code (work contracts) have:
· access to free medical care;
· health insurance;
· guaranteed compensation and pension in the event of an accident at work;
· entitlement to paid holidays (26 days per year in full-time employment);
· access to social assistance if required.

You should be concerned if your employer has not started the process of legalising your work. You should always be handed a copy of the declaration or work permit once it is obtained. Your employer should not charge you additional costs, offer you a contract for a different job than the one you actually do, or offer you working conditions different from those set out in the declaration or work permit. You should never agree to start work before obtaining the necessary documents or take up work with documents issued for another employer.
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