My rights
What are the rights of Belarusian nationals on the labour market in Slovakia?
While working in Slovakia, you have the right to equal treatment, e.g. in terms of working conditions, wages and dismissals, as well as health and safety at the workplace. Employers must also respect the minimum wage regulations.

When changing employers, you must inform the Foreign Police Department at least five days before the start of your new employment. You must also submit your new contract of employment or a written promise of employment and the proof of recognition of your qualifications.

If you work, you have the right to public health insurance in Slovakia. In other cases, you must cover health insurance by yourself.

You have the right to change your residence status, i.e. change the type or purpose of your residence (e.g. from highly qualified employment to business). In such cases, you must submit a new application for a residence permit at the Foreign Police Department no later than the last day of validity of your current residence permit.
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